About us

Crystal Cruises is the proud independent owner of Crystal Cruises Manning (CCM). CCM, former known as International Cruises Management Agency (ICMA), was established in 1989 to provide complete crew management services for the cruise liners of our former owner NYK’s two cruise companies, Crystal Cruises and NYK Cruises. In May 2015 the global hospitality leader Genting Hong Kong (GHK) acquired Crystal Cruises from our founding parent company, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK).

Today we recruit crew for the Hotel, Deck and Engine department for Crystal`s Ocean fleet, Yacht, Expedition -and River ships. Our focus is to hire the best of the best crew in the world.

Crystal Cruises Manning’s selection process is paramount to the continued global success of our luxury cruise line. Each new hire is determined, not only by the individual’s specific skill set or previous experience, but most importantly by their ability to provide the most genuine, warm, accommodating service to our valued guests.

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