Worldwide:  (Posted: October 2014)


Please note that offers for shipboard employment can be made only through the authorized agents listed on this website.

We have recently learned that the fictitious company that refers to itself as “Crystal Cruise Line” and purports to be located in Hindmarsh, Australia has begun targeting individuals in Romania with unauthorized offers of employment on cruise ships operated by Crystal Cruises, Inc.  This is a fictitious company, and all offers of employment to work for Crystal Cruises that are purportedly made by this company are fictitious.  Crystal Cruises has no connection with this company.

Please see our August 2014 and July 2013 notices (below) for more information about this scam.

The perpetrators of this fraud still appear to be using the fictions names and email addresses included in our August 2014 notice (see below).  In addition to the names listed in our August 2014 and July 2013 notices (below), Crystal Cruises, the perpetrators of this fraud are using the aliases Capt. Mrs. Tracey Anderson (Australia Department of Immigration) and Mrs. Keith Dolan Hayden (CSO Administrator AU Maritime Authority).

In the initial email, these individuals claim that “Crystal Cruise Line [Australia]” is offering a contract for employment on the cruise ships operated by Crystal Cruises.  Once the prospective employee responds to this email offer and sends back a signed employment contract, s/he is asked to complete a form to obtain an “AU visa and a mandatory Security Certificate.”  After submitting the completed forms, the prospective employee is given a contact at the “immigration department” to work with for getting his or her Certificate released.  The prospective employee is also asked to send documentation such as a copy of his or her passport and seamen’s book.  Once the perpetrators of this fraud have obtained all this documentation, the prospective employee is asked to send a bank transfer in the sum of $395 USD to an address in Guinea, and confirm payment via email.  Once the payment is sent, the perpetrators of this fraud notify the prospective applicant that the process cannot continue.

Crystal Cruises does not require prospective employees to pay any processing fees to secure employment on board its ships. 

Please be warned that Crystal Cruise Line, Mrs. T.H. Kotzee, Mr. Howard Greenberg, Capt. Mrs. Tracey Anderson, and Mrs. Keith Dolan Hayden are not authorized to solicit or accept employees on behalf of Crystal Cruises or to obtain visas on Crystal Cruises behalf.  Any use of Crystal Cruises’ name and trademarks by these persons or entities is not authorized, sanctioned or endorsed by Crystal Cruises.

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